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Why sleep is important to skin wellness by Tara O’Rourke, Dr. Hauschka Trainer and Esthetician

A Sense of grounding before bedtime

In the evenings, we often feel overwhelmed and experience an overheated head from the day’s activities.  Our headspace ideally is a place of coolness and calm, whereas our warmth organism lies in our feet, hands and our belly/abdomen. In modern hectic life there are simple tips to bring some balance to these natural polarities within us; when we bring a sense of coolness and calm to our head and a sense of warmth to our feet, we experience a natural sense of rhythm.  A foot bath with Dr.Hauschka Sage Purifying Bath Essence warms harmonises and grounds, also acting as a temperature regulator drawing heat from the head.  Breathe awareness in encouraged as you immerse your paws into warm water with the beautiful scent of Sage. Enjoy a wonderful footbath first and then slide under the bed covers straight after.

Look Inside

Dr.Hauschka Eye Revive is wonderfully suited to draw your focus inwards, in order to be mindful of your body. As the extracts of eyebright, fennel, anthyllis, chamomile and black tea on the cotton pads attend to your tired eyes, you can simply drift off to sleep

Three Tools For Sleep

Those who go to sleep straight after an evening of exercise or watching television sometimes miss out on a restful night and a valuable phase: letting go of the day and processing everything you experienced in the course of it. Think about what you’ve done, who you met and which precious moments you want to cherish. Peacefully reap the fruits of the day. And don’t let your thoughts wander to the next day. Tomorrow morning will come around quickly enough for that.

Before you hit the pillow, take some time to sit on your bed or on a yoga mat, legs crossed, feel the natural curve in your back and neck, eyes closed and simply listen to your breath. Mind thoughts will come in, simply observe them and return to your breath, the more we practice the more free space in the head we experience.  We have five patterns of mind thought; Memory which relates to the past, Imagination which relates to the future, Right information which is factually correct, Wrong information which is incorrect and Sleep; dreaming, fears, memories, subconscious and unconscious. Our mind thoughts will fit into one of these categories. Breath awareness is a great ‘anchor’ to declutter and cleanse the mind before you sleep. You will experience a freshness in the skin on waking as a result.

Eat light; I recommend taking time to have a healthy substantial lunch away from phones, mindful eating and eat light in the evening. Keep well hydrated during the day, a slice of lemon in your water has a great cleansing effect for the skin. My winter warmer recipe is a mix of organic lemons, honey, ginger and apple juice infused overnight, take the mix with you to work or have at home, add 1 part to 3 parts to boiling water then throughout the day, makes a great tea/coffee substitute and leaves you with a healthy glow! Take some time in the evening to get some fresh air, walk briskly for at least 30-40 mins daily, even better if you can incorporate it into your working day.

Live Rhythmically

When you create rhythm in your everyday life, for example by eating at regular intervals, staying active or taking breaks for work, you automatically strengthen your day-night rhythm. The more conscientiously active you are throughout the day, the easier the polar opposite will come to you at it’s end: a refreshing sleep.

And remember, its ok to be bored sometime, doing nothing is great for the mind and the skin!

When you sleep, your body recharges, so you wake up feeling refreshed. If you repeatedly don’t get enough sleep, it shows in your face; dark circles under your eyes and poor skin condition. During the night, the skin’s natural replenishing and repairing cycle is active. If you want to look fresh as a daisy, make sure you get enough sleep each night. Sleep is a powerful beauty treatment.



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