Sense + Sustainability

Sense + Sustainability

Charlotte Williams  •  May 15th 2018


 Woven into each thread of Noctu's nightwear is the concept of Sustainability, to us it makes sense; it's common sense. With the fashion industry being the most polluting, topped only by the oil industry, it seems more important than ever to shop sustainably; to shop with an acute awareness of the ethical, environmental and social impact our wardrobes can have.

In our consumer driven culture, where 'fast fashion' rules, we now spend less than 3% of our household income on clothing, compared to the 17% that our grandmother's spent. Our grandmothers mindfully chose their closet. They focused on quality over quantity, and in doing so had items that were loved for years, by generations.

I am sure many can relate to that feeling of having a wardrobe full of clothes, but yet 'nothing to wear'.  How do we feel like we have little, when our options are limitless and our wardrobes overflowing? To The Minimalists ( this feeling is not paradoxical, it makes sense. They argue that when living with more, there is ultimately less: less time, less money, less freedom, and often an unexplainable void. Put simply, by mindfully choosing your material items, by embracing a minimalistic, sustainable life you can quite simply be happier.

Marie Kondo in her best selling book 'The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up', teaches that everything that you own should 'spark joy'. If it doesn't make your heart sing then you should let it go. She argues that in the process of letting go, in decluttering your physical space, your emotional space is cleared too. This leads to, as many would testify, life changing results.

The wonderful thing about sustainable fashion is that it can so easily 'spark joy'. You pay for quality, for craftsmanship, for the knowledge that through consciously and responsibly choosing your wardrobe you are giving the planet and humanity a hug.

With Stella McCartney and other designers now ardently championing the concept of sustainable fashion, we are feeling hopeful for the future, and proud to be part of it. Sustainable fashion does not need to be boring; style does not need to be compromised at the expense of sustainability. As the Minimalists rightfully say 'Being fashionable is easy when all your clothes are your favourites'

Here are some top tips for shopping Sustainably:

  1. Avoid synthetic fabrics

Choosing better fabrics is essential to us transforming this industry for the better,” says Clara Vuletich, a Sydney-based sustainability strategist. In their production phase, synthetics such as rayon, spandex, nylon, acrylic, modal and polyester are all environmentally detrimental. They also shed micro plastics into the ocean when washed, with heartbreaking effects on marine life.

2. Check labels

Certifications such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Fairtrade can add sustainable reassurance to your purchases.

3. Fix it.

Often clothes can have their lifespan extended, even made better than new with a little creativity. Celebrate the life of your clothes, before dismissing them from your wardrobe.

4. Ask ‘Does it add value?’

Does it ‘spark joy’ or will it hang redundant in your closet? All your clothes should be your favourite!

Perhaps try the minimalist fashion challenge ‘Project 333’; dressing in 33 items or less for 3 months. (
It’s time to take responsibility; making deliberate, considered, and ethical choices when shopping. Let's buy less, buy better and be happier.