January Goals

January is the perfect month to rest, nourish and re-set. Christmas is over (phew) so we can happily kick off those heels and grab some comfy slippers; this month is all about realigning and rebalancing after the excesses of the festive season. It’s not just about eating healthy and sorting out the alcohol intake, although those are top of our list, but it’s also about slowing down a little bit, grounding ourselves and flowing back into the swing of routine and normality.


There is often pressure to set New Year resolutions which can sometimes lead to unnecessary pressure on ourselves to live the perfect life. This year we’ve done away with resolutions at home and tried to think about what we would most like to accomplish this year and what little steps we can take to get there.


Personally, cutting down on plastic is up there for me as is going vegan – both surprisingly pretty easy so far, with the help of our brilliant local farmers market. Getting fit and sticking to a regular exercise class would be pretty good too, I always bale out around week 4! But more importantly and a goal within itself, instead of worrying about failure, I’m going to take a more holistic approach to my goals this year, walk a little bit longer with the dog every day, maybe even become brave enough to slip on my trainers and run alongside her.


Whatever it is that you’d love to achieve this year, take little steps, think of this year as a whole and set your plan of action in motion. Fight the urge to do everything at once and take things gradually yet mindfully, this way every single day you can feel like you’re accomplishing things, don’t put too much pressure on the end goal, learn to enjoy the ride.