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scandy landy photo shoot

Our photoshoot (logistical nightmare) involved a lot of planning, remote Norwegian locations, early mornings, hikes up mountains with heaps of furniture and props on our backs (sorry guys). Followed by late nights, a small flagon of vino, falling asleep to the sound of howling huskies, with the midnight sun blaring into our sleepy eyes. However, all things considered, I think (I hope) an amazing experience was had by all.

fashion shoot Scandinavian style

Living in Norway we are surrounded and continuously touched by nature, there is such a boundless amount of unspoilt land, a sense of isolated beauty, stunning fjords, never ending forests and vast mountain ranges. 

Our latest collection's inspiration comes from the Scandinavian midnight sun. We wanted to capture the essence of Norway, one shoot set by the fjords and the other high up in the mountains.

Our first photoshoot took place at Malmøya, a small island just outside Oslo. Our team included the wonderful photographer Tracey Hosey who's natural style embodies noctu. She is the calmest, most fabulous photographer who often, contorts herself, demonstrating skills of extreme physical flexibility, to capture that perfect image, all in the name of art! 

organic cotton fashion shoot

We wanted to create a journey evoking feelings of calm and invoking a sense of connection to nature. Tracey did just that with her stunning photographs combining breathtaking landscapes with imagery fusing mood and atmosphere, bringing noctu to life.

Also on our team we had the stunning Phoebe who has worked as a professional model from the age of 14. It was so wonderful to work with people who 'get it' straight away. Phoebe's transformation as soon as the lens is pointed in her direction, into an instant Goddess is testament to her professionalism and true character. And a huge shout out must go to the boys, the mighty harlequin rugby player Charlie Matthews who was an utter trojan, even if he did take some serious feeding! And my amazing, beloved hubby who's creative input and ability to remain calm thus adverting many a crisis, is muchly appreciated. Thank you dream team.

Follow link to see more beautiful photos from tracey hosey.

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Milly Gale