wax lyrical

When my sister and I first started scribbling ideas down for noctu filling endless notebooks, in various hostels across India, there was always a master plan to turn noctu from nightwear into a (night-time) lifestyle brand.

This folks, is happening.  Astonishingly, because sometimes whist burying away, head down you forget to look up, the moment you do, (and ever so many years later) you realise those scribbles made so many years ago have now evolved into the brand we once imagined.

We have just launched our homeware collection starting with a few of our favourite things, bed linen and heavenly smelling candles.

Our gorgeous hand poured, soy wax scented candles are set in beautiful hand thrown ceramic, re-usable pots, made in the UK.

Each scent is blended to evoke different moods and uplift your spirits. Calm - Grey - provincial lavender & eucalyptus, Balance - Yellow - geranium, citronella & lemongrass and Inspire - Pink - Passion fruit & tangerine.

Each candle is hand blended and poured using the purest organic essential oils and natural fragrance oils. Soy wax is a natural wax, free from paraffins and chemicals. It melts into an even pool, giving a longer burn time and a consistent scent throw. Let us know your favourite.

We hope you enjoy!

Milly Gale