optimism is so hot right now

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I think we can all agree the world of fashion is slowly, but surely changing.

A much needed new beginning of a new year fills us with hope and a sense of optimism. This is certainly true for us and I believe all of those that are in the sustainable fashion industry and those that support it.

Fashion is still the second most polluting industry after oil and still we hear of workers rights being abused.  At the forefront, we need as consumers, to see an increase in the transparency of brands. 

It is time to really take a look at the clothes we wear, each one of us has the ability to make a change, it is the year to take personal action. And for brands and businesses; innovation to reduce dependence on fossil fuel, and grow practises that use less water, energy and chemicals.

We are all looking to the natural world for pleasure and enlightenment, turning away from the grey uninspiring corporate world. It's no wonder that pantone's 2017 colour of the year is "greenery". 

Each pound we spend can be a small vote for a sustainable industry, each purchase can demonstrate our personal values.

"The forces of change are embodied in conscious individuals rather than political systems" A perfect quote for 2017 from László Moholy-Nagy.




Milly Gale